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Meet New Faculty: Frank Colaprete

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of profiles on new, full-time faculty members.

Frank Colaprete became familiar with Keuka College’s Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP) while serving with the Rochester Police Department (RPD).

In fact, he referred several of his officers to ASAP to complete their undergraduate degrees.

“I am a firm believer in the lifelong learning concept, and have been a student longer than I have been a teacher,” said Colaprete, associate professor of criminal justice in ASAP. “I know what it’s like from both sides of the podium, and I still actively seek opportunities to learn as well as transfer that codified and experiential knowledge to others.”

So, Keuka’s ASAP and model of experiential education was a “perfectly natural extension of that for me,” said Colaprete. “As a trainer for more than 24 years, all of my students were continuing education adult professionals working to advance their knowledge and careers.”

Colaprete sees a reflection of himself in his adult students.

“With a background and terminal degree in adult education, I fully understand the needs of adult learners and the nature of how theory and application can be delivered in the classroom,” said Colaprete, who holds bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Roberts Wesleyan College, and a doctoral degree from Fischler Graduate School of Education at Nova Southeastern University. He is also a Certified Litigation Specialist (CLS) in the law enforcement field.

Colaprete was member of the RPD from 1985-2005 and was assigned to patrol, research, training, administration, internal affairs, background investigations, investigative supervision, and investigative support.

Colaprete joined the ASAP faculty part-time in 2005 and served as a visiting associate professor.

In addition to teaching at Keuka, Colaprete is the owner and lead consultant of Justice Systems Solutions LLC, an independent consulting firm that works with law enforcement and public safety organizations.

Colaprete’s research interests are in police science and operational issues, the criminal and administrative investigation processes, police training techniques, program evaluation methodologies, mentoring, and knowledge management.

Colaprete developed a love for teaching early in his police career and began training other police officers in 1987.

“That passion grew through continuing my education and entering the higher education field,” said Colaprete. “I teach mostly graduate studies in criminal justice research, statistics, leadership, administration, and human resources.”

In addition to Keuka, Colaprete has served as a faculty member, instructor, and consultant for such institutions as Norwich University, New England College, Nova Southeastern University, Walden University, Roger Williams University’s Justice and Training Research Institute, Performance Institute, and the Civic Institute at Mercyhurst College.

He is co-author of Internal Investigations: A Practitioner’s Approach and Mentoring in the Criminal Justice Professions: Conveyance of the Craft. He has published several peer- reviewed and professional journal articles in the areas of criminal and internal investigation, as well as police training techniques.

He earned a Top 10 finalist award from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and has been featured in the National League of Cities database for successful municipal programs. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year Award for 2009 from Norwich University’s School of Graduate Studies.

2 Responses to Meet New Faculty: Frank Colaprete

  1. Colleen Collins says:

    Congratulations Dr. Coloprete!!! Keuka College is blessed
    To have you…I live in NH ….you left a lasting impression I shall
    Never forget how you care and teach your students
    You inspire others to never give up and be the best we can be

  2. Amy Rafferty says:

    Nothing is more important than an institution that values its faculty’s ability to cultivate teaching/learning relationships. Everything else is beside the point.

    Colleen is right: Keuka IS blessed to have Frank!

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