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Students Surprise Chirco


Amanda Harris (left) and Anita Chirco listen as Danielle Clark reads from the letter published in the Book of Lives and Legacies.

Professor of Communication Studies Anita Chirco wasn’t expecting this.

After all, the Organizational Communication Senior Picnic Celebration May 14 is designed to honor students, not faculty.

But students turned the tables on the popular professor when they announced that a page in the National Women’s Hall of Fame Book of Lives and Legacies is now devoted to Chirco.

Members of the College chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the national communication honor society, nominated Chirco “with the help of Amanda Harris,” according to Danielle Clark. Harris is associate professor of organizational communication and English.

Chirco was presented a commemorative plaque and a one-year membership to the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls.

A special place on the Hall of Fame Web site was created to honor women of achievement and accomplishment. Accompanying each name is a Book of Lives and Legacies page, where a letter citing each individual’s accomplishments is placed.

The letter about Chirco was written by Clark, with assistance from the other Lambda Pi Eta members. Here’s an excerpt:

“Dr. Chirco is an extremely caring individual who is willing to spend her time helping students who are eager to learn. Whether she is playing the role of teacher, advisor or friend, she is encouraging and passionate about her work… Dr. Chirco doesn’t only focus on academics. She is very passionate person and tries very hard to make personal relationships with individuals who she works with.”

The entire letter can be viewed at

Those nominating Chirco were Clark, Elizabeth Meyers, Elissa Uhl, Casey Dahlstrom, Shannon Crowder, Meghan Morales, Meghan Russel, Katie Bremer, and Meghan Festa.

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