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Preserve Funding for High Needs Nursing

The New York State Senate and Assembly have both adopted their respective budget plans and in the Assembly’s budget proposal, the High Needs Nursing Program is partially restored with funding at $675,000.

Created in 2007, the High Needs Nursing program provides up to $250 for each full-time student enrolled at an eligible two-year program and up to $500 for each full-time student enrolled in a four-year program. In the Commission on Independent College and Universities’ (cIcu) 2011-12 Legislative Priorities brochure, Gov. Cuomo and state legislators were asked to restore $941,000 for independent colleges and universities.

In order to advocate that this funding be included in the final SFY 2011-12 budget, I ask you to send e-mails to your state representatives and Conference Committee members with a personal message about the funding. To assist you in this e-advocacy effort, cIcu has created the following action alert Web site where you can send a message to your state representatives and members of the higher education committee:

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