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U.S. 20 Motorcycle Trip Full of Memories

Bob and Carol Worden (right), members of Keuka's Community Associates Board, presented Ron and Evelyn Stone with a gift from the College at the close of the Dec. 9 Community Luncheon presentation.

A good crowd, that included several motorcycle enthusiasts, attended the Dec. 9 Community Luncheon Series to hear about Ron and Evelyn Stone’s 3,365-mile, coast-to-coast 2008 summer trip on the on the back of a 2007 BMW R-1200.

The Ontario couple garnered laughs relating everything from how Ron packs one week’s worth of clothes in a saddlebag to how Evelyn’s tent of choice is a Hampton Inn. Scenic images were shown including shots of the snows still lingering in July along the Beartooth Highway that runs near the Montana-Wyoming border, buffalo herd crossings, and a tiny aerial “museum” they visited that was little more than a log cabin flanking an outdoor airstrip.

Their cross-country trip had been sparked two years prior, Ron Stone said, when they spotted a sign at an intersection in Oregon reading “Begin 20 East.” Near it, the photo showed another sign with an arrow pointing east toward Albany … Oregon.

“This whole country is absolutely gorgeous,” Ron Stone said, encouraging those in the audience to see more of it. “Motorcycle is the best way to go, but take a trip, even in a car.”

The Stones are planning to repeat the magic next year with another cross-country trip on motorcycle, this time along Route 30, which runs from Atlantic City, N.J. to Astoria, Ore.

2 Responses to U.S. 20 Motorcycle Trip Full of Memories

  1. RidinWind says:

    That sounds awesome. I would love to take a coast to coast Motorcycle ride!

  2. The ride was very interesting, and it is a memory that can not be forgotten. I so wanted to do a cross country trip, especially if the surrounding scenery is very beautiful

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