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16th Annual Keuka College Golf Classic Tees Off July 13

The 16th Annual Keuka College Golf Classic will be contested Monday, July 13, at Lakeside Country Club in Penn Yan.

The 18-hole scramble tournament benefits the Keuka College Scholarship Fund. In its first 15 years, the tournament raised more than $187,000 for the scholarship, which is awarded annually to Keuka students from the Finger Lakes region.

Registration begins at 11:45 a.m. with a shotgun start at 1:15 p.m. and competition in men’s, women’s, mixed, and senior flights. The cost is $95 and includes greens fees, cart, lunch, refreshments on the course, and a cocktail reception. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Team or individual entries are accepted. To receive a registration form, or for more information, call Kathy Waye, executive director of alumni and family relations at (315) 279-5602 or email Reservations are due by Tuesday, June 30.

Hunter Heselton Creates ITS Work-Study Guide, Documents Each Konica Minolta Printer During Field Period™

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of 2015 Konica Minolta Scholarships for Graphic Arts and Print-related Field Period™ experiences. In support of academic excellence, Konica Minolta will offer $30,000 ($10,000 each year from 2014-2016) to be used as scholarship funding for internships or a Field Period™ that promotes the advancement of graphic and/or print-related studies. Amounts awarded will vary based on the expense needs of each recipient as determined by the committee.

Hunter Heselton receives congratulations from Tara Bloom, assistant director of Field Period™ and internships, during Honors Convocation (photo by Abigail Oderman '18)

The work sophomore Hunter Heselton completed during his Field Period™ with Keuka College’s Information Technology Services (ITS) will last long after he graduates.

That’s because the Penn Yan resident created an ITS work-study student training guide, which includes a combination of online activities, printed material, and video podcasts.

“With the partnership between Konica Minolta and Keuka College, the main role for my Field Period™ was to develop the guidelines and procedures that the students, faculty, and staff will utilize within the managed print environment,” said Heselton, an exploratory major. “I worked closely with the ITS staff to develop the procedures and guidelines that will be utilized as the basis for the ITS work-study student training guides.”

And if you ask him, Heselton can tell you the location of each of the 44 fleet printers and three production-based Konica Minolta devices across campus and the Center for Professional Studies. He spent “substantial” time dedicated toward the asset management and documentation of the not only the location of each Konica Minolta device, but it’s model number and serial number as well.

He also familiarized himself with the functionality and nomenclature of the 44 printers, including standard printing, copying, scanning, and faxing procedures.

“I also conducted an analysis of the wireless printing capabilities across campus utilizing the Konica Minolta Equitrac/PrinterOn solution to include all residence halls,” Heselton said. “Any problematic areas were documented within the IT Services call-tracking system.”

Heselton then coordinated the scheduling of, and presented, an Equitrac/PrinterOn printer training classes to all departments. It is a printing management system that provides tools to enforce student print quotas, charge for printed output and promote sustainability.

“I was thrilled to work with ITS, and learn about the latest technologies at Keuka College,” Heselton said of his Field Period™.

Mitchel Leet Looks to Expand Photography Skills During Summer Field Period™

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series on the recipients of the 2015 Konica Minolta Scholarships for Graphic Arts and Print-related Field Period™ experiences. In support of academic excellence, Konica Minolta will offer $30,000 ($10,000 each year from 2014-2016) to be used as scholarship funding for internships or a Field Period™ that promotes the advancement of graphic and/or print-related studies. Amounts awarded will vary based on the expense needs of each recipient as determined by the committee.

Junior Mitchel Leet has received a wealth of experience with journalism-related photography, both as editor of his high school newspaper and as graphic designer for the Keukonian, Keuka College’s student newspaper. Leet admits he’s always been quick to use candid photographs, and take advantage of what is unfolding without consideration for lighting, posing, or editing after the shot. But he also understands photographs such as these often turn out un-printable.

So Leet is taking advantage of his summer Field Period™ to learn more about the nuances of photography, particularly in a professional studio. By the end of his Field Period™, Leet intends to have built a stronger portfolio, and learn what it takes to work as a professional photographer.

“Under Nathan Lashomb, photographer and owner of Forevermore Studio Photography, this Field Period™ experience will grant me the opportunity to observe the daily activities in a professional studio,” said Leet, an art and design major from Stanley.

“Lashomb specializes in commercial photography as well as senior, family, child, and wedding portraits,” added Leet. “I will have the opportunity to attend photo shoots and work with the same lighting and equipment that he uses on the job, serving as a hands-on assistant.”

And that is just what he wants.

“In addition to learning posing and lighting techniques, I will learn skills in digital programming, editing, and equipment use that make for better photographs,” said Leet. “I want to learn and understand how social media, websites, and marketing can increase business and expand my reach as a professional artist.”

“Throughout my Field Period™, I will be able to use what I learn on the job to shoot and edit my own photographs independently,” said Leet. “Using the skills I already have for optimizing print quality, I hope to build two forms of portfolios of my own work by the end of the summer—a digital one that can be connected to my LinkedIn account and digital Pressfolio, as well as a tangible print copy that I can bring with me to interviews and consultations in my future.”

Most importantly, Leet adds that this Field Period™ “will give me the opportunity to see how artistic passion can be turned into a professional career. Especially now as I am preparing to enter the workforce, and anticipating a career much different from the path of journalism, studio photography presents a whole new set of skills and challenges I want to face and learn—such as how to price, schedule, plan for, and execute my own successful photo shoots.”

Leet believes his summer Field Period™ will provide him with “an incredible opportunity to experience a new career possibility, and by the end, I’d like to have the knowledge to pursue a future in the same direction.”

Field Period™ to Washington, D.C. Provides Deeper Appreciation for Nation’s History

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of features on recipients of the Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award. The award, named after the late 1963 Keuka graduate, is supported by Brown’s family and the Class of ’63. It is designed to assist students who pursue a culturally-oriented Field Period™.

Washington Monument

Like many people, sophomore Joshua Sporyz has a bucket list. In particular, he has one for Washington, D.C., and he will have the chance to cross off many of the items on his list as he completes a Field Period™ in our nation’s capital.

“My bucket list has some of the big things, such as visiting the Washington Monument,” said Sporyz, a political science and history major from ­­Buffalo. “It also has the small ones, like experiencing the day-to-day life of the city by riding the subway, exploring different neighborhoods, talking to people who work and live there, trying new kinds of foods, and people-watching.”

But he is not the only Keuka College student who will travel to Washington, D.C. for his summer Field Period™. Juniors Ryan Enright and Tyler Vest, and senior Alex Pollinger, three other recipients of the Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award, have set their own goals for the trip.

“This Field Period™ will serve as a valuable learning experience for me,” said Pollinger, a sociology major from Arkport. “Attending the trip to Washington D.C. will help mold my aspirations of using a graduate degree in public policy to influence change to benefit the nation and the world. This trip will also help facilitate a cultural learning opportunity that will be beneficial as a student and professional.”

Enight believes his Field Period™ will benefit him with pertinent first-hand experience and practice in real life historical investigation and application.

“My career goals are to become a high school social studies teacher, and eventually a professor of history,” said Enright, an adolescent social studies/special education major from Churchville. “The more experiences I can receive firsthand will help me achieve and develop my own philosophies of education, personal development, and civic involvement and responsibility.”

And taking civic responsibility is something to which Sproyz can relate.

“When I arrived on campus in August 2013, I had very specific plans for my four years at Keuka College,” said Sporyz, “including looking for a career path that would allow me to make a positive contribution to the world. I originally thought that criminal justice would be the right major for me, but it was my minor in sociology that really opened my eyes to how our social world operates. I realized that the social world is greatly shaped by the distribution of power and resources among citizens and the rules that govern them.”

And as politicians influence and distribute power, Enright intends to do the same in his future classroom.

White House

“Through the medium of teaching, I fully plan to influence future generations of students to become more enlightened persons, said Enright. “As a future educator, I find immense value in cherishing every opportunity to learn, experience, and grow from such encounters.”

Vest, a resident of Naples, also expects to meet his goals of expanding his knowledge of the nation’s capital.

“Judith Oliver Brown used Keuka College’s Field Period™ as an opportunity to explore not only a site for possible future employment, but to immerse herself in a city full of learning opportunities and priceless first-hand experience,” said Vest. “I share the same goals, and by attending this trip to Washington D.C. I will educate myself on how this city operates, and whether it is a place that I can aspire to one day live and work.”

Pollinger agrees.

“Spending 10 days in Washington, D.C. will serve as an excellent opportunity to experience the history, politics, and diverse culture of the nation’s capital,” said Pollinger. “I admire and identify with Judith Oliver Brown’s enthusiasm to travel and explore other cultures. These experiences provide an excellent opportunity to become a well-rounded student, and gain a broader understanding of the world, which allows me to be a lifelong learner.”

As a future teacher, Enright appreciates that philosophy as he believes that being a lifelong learner is one of the most important tools he will bring to his classroom.

“This Field Period™ is truly crucial to my own personal goals and pursuit of developing independence and pertinent experience,” said Enright. “The fact that this trip’s destination is to one of our nation’s most historically significant cities simply makes it that much more enticing.”

And Vest believes he will rely on his experiences during this Field Period™, should he find himself living in Washington, D.C. one day.

Mount Vernon

“Being a political science and history major, Washington D.C. offers the ultimate experience for a person looking to view a city containing some of the world’s most powerful and influential people,” said Vest. “This Field Period™ is also especially meaningful to me because it will be my first time going to Washington D.C.—something I have looked forward to since my interest in politics blossomed in my sophomore year of high school.”

Added Sporyz: “As someone who feels as if he has finally started to find his way in the world, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to experience the social and political forces that shape this country firsthand, and immerse myself in the culture of the nations capital.”

British Isles Provide Opportunity to Explore Heritage and Expand Horizons

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of features on recipients of the Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award. The award, named after the late 1963 Keuka graduate, is supported by Brown’s family and the Class of ’63. It is designed to assist students who pursue a culturally-oriented Field Period™.

Jenna Soldaczewski

For junior Jenna Soldaczewski, traveling and exploring new cultures is something she and her family are passionate about. They have traveled to various locations in-and-out of the United States, which she said has allowed her to expand her horizons and grow culturally.

“My parents planned our family vacations to learn all that we could about the landmarks, local history, and culture [of the places we went],” said Soldaczewski, an occupational science major from Cheektowaga. “For example, while in Mexico we climbed the Mayan ruins in Coba, and visited Tulum. We have also explored the island of Aruba from end to end, admiring wild life and beautiful sea creatures.”

And thanks to receiving the Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award, Soldaczewski has the opportunity to expand her travels as she will explore the British Isles for her summer Field Period™.

“This is an entirely new experience for me as I have never been across the Atlantic Ocean,” she said.

But she is not the only Keuka College student who will travel to the British Isles for her summer Field Period™. Sophomore Brianna Schlemmer, another recipient of the Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award, is also embarking on her first trip across the Atlantic Ocean. She is particularly looking forward to visiting Ireland, and is intent on learning more about her family’s Irish heritage and kissing the Blarney Stone, something her grandfather and great-grandfather have done.

“My family has strong roots in Ireland, so this Field Period™ gives me the chance to explore my family’s Irish heritage,” said Schlemmer, an American Sign Language-English interpreting major from Rochester. “It also offers me experiences that will bring me deeper into the culture of Ireland.”

Schlemmer is particularly keen on exploring Dublin, where her great grandfather was “often” invited to visit his friend, President Eamon de Valera, third president of Ireland who served from June 1959-June 1973.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own memories in Ireland and share them with my children and grandchildren,” said Schlemmer. “I want to gain a deeper appreciation for my heritage and where my family originated. This trip will help me expand my horizons and enrich my life.”

Soldaczewski also plans to create her own experiences and memories to share, particularly with future clients.

“My goal is to take in all I can about the culture, history, and geography of the British Isles and apply it to occupational therapy,” she said. “Dealing with all walks of life is a very large part of the role of an occupational therapist, and experiencing new cultures will give me some exposure to this. I will need to communicate with all different types of people in my career, and this trip will help prepare me for all of my future endeavors.”

Both Soldaczewski and Schlemmer intend to immerse themselves and share in the culture, land, food, lifestyles, and experiences of those who call the British Isles home. They both also believe travel is one of the greatest ways to “experience life outside of your hometown, state, and country,” said Schlemmer.

“The world was made for us to explore,” she added. “I want to try new food, music, clothing, and more. I want to enhance my cultural experience by trying everything and anything. If that means trying Ireland’s bangers and mash, or London’s deviled kidneys, then I’ll do it.”

Added Soldaczewski: “I have heard from my professors and peers that studying abroad changes you as a person. It enables you to look at things with a whole different perspective. This trip will forever change my life.”