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Oh, What a Web We Weave

Keuka College Today, the Office of Communications’ new Web site, debuts today and the “one-stop shopping” for news and information this site provides should appeal to members of the College community and others who frequent the College Web site.

Also today, the new Vice President for Academic Affairs site debuts along with a new KeukaNet page.

To check out the new-look communications page, created by Webmaster Pete Bekisz, go to

You can also access the site from the homepage or by clicking “News” on any of the College’s Web pages.

“We have rolled features from the old site, such as news releases, Spotlight, and the experts list, with all the news and features published in KC Currents, the College’s online publication,” said Doug Lippincott, executive director of communications.

KC Currents no longer exists, but departments from that publication—Around the Tower (news), Arts & Entertainment (formerly Curtain Call), Features, From the Field (Field Period stories), and Opinion (formerly How I See It) have been retained, along with On the Air, a new offering.

On the Air features replays of Keuka College Today, which airs monthly on WFLR (1570 AM and 96.9 FM). The January edition of the show, featuring Associate Vice President of the Center for Professional Studies Richard Quest, is available now along with previous shows.

The new page features a Top Story, along with one-click access to recent campus news and features, sports stories, the campus calendar of events, College publications, the publications policy, and Keuka in the News, where readers can review recent media clips about the College.

The page also includes a spot where readers can sign up to receive an e-mail notification when a new story is posted.

“These notifications will be sent between 7 and 9 a.m.,” said Bekisz. “Readers will also be able to submit news items and story ideas to the Office of Communications, comment on stories, and forward articles to their friends.”

Keuka College Today provides a variety of tools to help readers share content.

“Each page provides readers with the ability to—with a single click—send a story via e-mail, post it on their Facebook profile, or share it on more than 200 other social media sites,” said Bekisz.

Each story on Keuka College Today is “tagged” by topic, which allows readers to view a list of stories about topics they’re interested in. The homepage features a “hot topics” section that highlights 50 of the most-written about topics, which changes as each new story is posted.

“Aside from making it more convenient for the reader, there are numerous technological advantages for tagging content as well,” said Bekisz. “For instance, now we can easily pull relevant news stories into other areas of our Web site and allow outside sites to do this as well.”

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs page features information on grant opportunities, faculty profiles and awards, internships and scholarship opportunities for high-achieving students, transcripts from Professor of the Year addresses at Academic Convocation, the Dean’s list, and more.

The new-look KeukaNet page will continue to provide access to e-mail, user storage space (F-drive), the S-drive, and message boards as well as access to Keuka College Today’s Top Story, Announce items, the calendar of events, local news, and job opportunities at the College.

Bekisz said another highlight of the new KeukaNet page is its integration with popular social media sites.

“We’ve integrated a Facebook commenting widget that allows readers to simultaneously share their news and announcements on KeukaNet and Facebook,” Bekisz said.

In addition to the page’s integration with Facebook, the new KeukaNet page also offers a near-live feed of Keuka content posted to Twitter. The component was added to provide a space for divisions, departments, clubs, and organizations to be able self-publish and self-manage brief news and announcements.

Currently, postings from @KeukaCollege, @KeukaSIFE, and @KeukaCAB are displayed, but Bekisz said any College-associated Twitter account can be added, provided the department head or adviser signs off on it.

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