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The 2016 Presidential Election: Hillary vs. Christie?

It’s spring 2014.

What better time to talk about the 2016 presidential election.

It’s about 19 months before the first primary and more than two years before the electorate will cast its vote to determine President Obama’s successor. However, things are heating up already.

Will Hillary Clinton seek the Democratic nomination? What about Joe Biden? Are there other contenders?

And what about the Republicans? Can Chris Christie overcome his troubles? Will the GOP cast their lot with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or someone else.

Meanwhile, in the Empire State, Gov. Cuomo is up for re-election this November. The Republicans have not fielded a strong contender since George Pataki. Will they this time around?

And then there’s the mid-term elections. Can the GOP take the Senate?

Associate Professor of History Chris Leahy sorts it all out in this interview with Doug Lippincott, which aired recently on WFLR’s Keuka College Today.

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2 Responses to The 2016 Presidential Election: Hillary vs. Christie?

  1. Dr. Robak says:

    Too soon :) The Keuka homepage has gone the cable news route.

  2. daprincess says:

    The past has been such a disappointment. The medial hype has constantly deceived us, so why not this time, yes, THIS TIME< let's gamble on something we've never done before. Let's elect the underdog, just to see how that SPINS the energy in a different direction…..VOTE for the person least likely to succeed to unravel those who think they are in control….

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