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A Leg Up in Dance

Keuka College seeks to foster a love of lifelong learning in its students, and many faculty and staff members serve as role models in this respect.

Instructor of Dance Janice Kovar, who teaches two sections of Dance 101, is one such role model. Seasoned in the field of dance for more than 35 years, she travels to New York City “about six times per year to see dance and to take classes in movement exploration at the Moving School.

“I either do a single, two-hour class or a 12-hour weekend workshop,” said Kovar, who is attending a weekend workshop titled “Heartbeat” during fall break from the College.

Continuing her education has been Kovar’s way since her college days. After earning a degree in dance from the University of Illinois, she went on to study modern dance at the Cunningham Studio in New York City. While in New York, she studied improvisation with Yvonne Rainer and Tai Chi Chuan with Da Liu.

A member of the Keuka faculty for six years, and a senior lecturer for dance at CornellUniversity since 1972, Kovar has choreographed more than 30 dances.

“My choreography often has a meditative, prayer-like quality, combing elements of Tai Chi Chuan with modern dance technique,” said Kovar. “Coming from a Cunningham background, I work visually with pure movements in space and time.

“Most recently, I have been exploring archetypal images and symbols with the intent of making connections and rediscovering ancient forms of movement that live in the unconscious.”

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