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A Veterinarian in the Making

Editor’s Note: This is the 2nd in a series of stories saluting members of the Class of 2011. We asked division chairs for story ideas and they in turn contacted faculty members for ideas. We believe they came up with some terrific profiles.

Emily Credit

Andrew Robak, assistant professor of chemistry, liked Emily Credit from the first class in which she took with him “because she did as much teaching as I did, and helped solve problems in the chemistry lab.

“Since then, I have gotten to know her better, and I only became more impressed,” said Robak.

Credit, a biology major from Canandaigua, chose Keuka because she liked the small class sizes, and the individual instruction she would receive from her professors.

“I also liked the idea of Field Period, which let me go to places like Costa Rica, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go,” said Credit, who visited the Latin American country to discover and research underground sea turtle eggs. “Going to Costa Rica taught me that I can do anything I want to, and that I can do more than I ever thought I could.”

When Credit enrolled in the fall of 2007, she was not sure what major she wanted to pursue, but had interests in biology and law. After her first semester, she decided to pursue biology with a veterinary career in mind.

“I always tell people how difficult it is to get into vet school, but of course Emily was accepted,” said Robak. “I have no doubt that she will be successful there and afterward.”

Tim Sellers, associate vice president for academic programs and associate professor of biology and environmental science, agrees.

“Emily has been a hard-working student over her time at Keuka,” he said. “She was my advisee before I took my new position, and as such, I have worked with her as a professor, academic adviser and research project consultant. Emily has been a curious and dedicated student since she came to Keuka, and I would assume before, too. She combines a great work ethic with a wonderful sense of humor and fantastic outlook.”

Credit says Keuka has “helped me grow as a person because I was away from home, and I learned a lot from the biology faculty, especially Joan Magnusen and Tim Sellers. They both pushed and encouraged me, and are a large part of my personal growth.”

Following commencement, Credit will attend the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

“I like [the university’s] involvement with the local zoo (Knoxville Zoological Gardens),” said Credit. “They have a program which works with big cats, and I am interested in the exotic species program. They also have a water rehabilitation program for dogs that I like. I couldn’t have gotten into vet school without my Keuka education and Field Period to support me, and I believe my education here will allow me to do well in vet school.”

Sellers says Credit “has been a joy to have in the College, and I believe she will be a fantastic ambassador for us.”

Robak agrees.

“Besides academics, Emily has always been nice, helpful, enthusiastic, and polite,” said Robak. “I hope my kids grow up to be like Emily. She is just a fantastic person and super smart.”

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