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Brittany Kuhn ‘Honored’ to Have the Chance to Work with Michelle Polowchak

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of profiles of 2014 Work Study Supervisor of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17.

When sophomore Brittany Kuhn arrives for her regular shift with the Office of Human Resources, she thinks of it as an honor.

That is largely due to her work study supervisor Michelle Polowchak, director of human resources.

“I have developed an enormous respect for Michelle’s dedication to her position, and for continuously making me feel like a part of the human resources team,” said Kuhn, a Palmyra resident, who nominated Polowchak for the Work Study Supervisor of the Year Award.

“Michelle not only assigns me in-depth projects that illustrate her trust in me, but I have also been given the opportunity to attend the monthly human resources meeting with the staff,” said Kuhn. “The longer I work with Michelle and the human resources team, the more responsibility she and the staff instills within me.”

The various projects Polowchak has assigned Kuhn “allows me to use the knowledge I have learned and am learning in my classes now, such as my human resources management class, my computer applications course, and my economics classes.”

And that something for which Kuhn is taking full advantage.

“Being able to take what I learned in class for the day and then apply it to the work that I do is going to be the differentiating factor between me and other candidates when it comes to receiving a job after college,” said Kuhn.

A business management major with a concentration in human resources, Kuhn says her job is “nearly perfect” for her.

“By allowing me to gain full experience into the field that I hope to pursue is such an amazing opportunity,” said Kuhn. “Knowing that if I have any questions about my career choices, or which additional classes would be beneficial, or even which branch of human resources I should pursue, Michelle is always there giving me advice.”

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