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International Experience

newdean Dean for International Programs Wendy Gaylord lived in Indonesia for 25 years.

“I worked for the National Planning Agency, National Institute for Public  Administration and other agencies on projects funded by the World Bank, the U.S.  Agency for International Development (USAID) and the British Council,” said Gaylord.  “The projects all had the goal of improving Indonesian education and human resources  planning. I worked with great Indonesian colleagues at universities and government  agencies and always hoped I helped make a small impact on improving education  quality.”

Gaylord recently passed her dissertation defence for a Ph.D. in education policy at  Indiana University. Her dissertation research “looked at how Indonesian teachers classroom practice changed (or not) when government policies changed.”

“Wendy has experience with Asian cultural norms, and has taught English as a second language,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Ginny Coombs, to whom Gaylord reports. “She has all of the qualities we were looking for and more.”

Gaylord is primarily responsible for overseeing the Keuka China Program on the Keuka end.

“With the size of the program, and all of my other responsibilities, it became necessary to hire someone who could concentrate 100 percent of her time on the program,” said Coombs, who has been responsible for the program since 2006. “Dr. Michael Hwang is our liaison in China with whom all of us at Keuka work very closely.”

Gaylord is charged with quality control—“keeping the quality of organizational management in China equivalent to our management program here, which is accredited by Middle States.”

Part of that involves reviewing student evaluations. She also works closely with the business and management faculty as well as Coordinator of Keuka China Program Student Services Operations (registrar’s office) Jan Enos, whom Coombs said “has been amazing in the past two years making the program successful.”

She is also expected to visit China twice a year, and recently returned from a two-week trip with President Joseph Burke in which she was “introduced to everyone in the office at our partner universities.”

The opportunity to travel especially appealed to Gaylord about the position.

“I love to travel and Asia is familiar to me,” said Gaylord, who resides in Phelps. “But I’d never spent time in China, so it is something new, a challenge. I had a great first trip and I’m looking forward to developing the position.”

“Wendy is a quick learner and a fast study, and I’m delighted she is here,” said Coombs. “She’s a great colleague.”

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