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SIFE Out, Enactus In

SIFE, a familiar acronym on the Keuka College campus since the advent of the 21st century, no longer exists.

In a move designed to reaffirm its “long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress,” the international organization Students in Free Enterprise has changed its name to Enactus.

“We needed a name that captured the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels everything we do,” said Alvin Rohrs, CEO. “We were also eager to create a name that reflected how global this organization has become.”

Some 57,000 students are members of Enactus clubs in 1,600 colleges and universities in 39 countries.

“Entrepreneurial action is not something that is relevant to a single culture or nationality,” said Rohrs. “What we do is just as powerful in Shanghai as it is in Sao Paulo, just as transformative whether we are in San Francisco or Sydney.”

Or in Keuka Park, N.Y., where the Keuka College SIFE  team has enhanced the quality of life in the region while qualifying for nine SIFE national competitions in the past 11 years.

Winning the March 22, 2013 Enactus regional competition in Baltimore, Md., which carries an invitation to the May 21-23 national competition in Kansas City, Mo., is one of two primary goals of the Keuka Enactus team, according to President Desiree Ford.

The other is to continue to build on its exemplary record of community service.

On Sunday, Oct. 28, Enactus will support Campbell Soup’s Let’s Can Hunger campaign by hosting a Haunted Hall from 7-9 p.m. in Davis Hall. Admission is one canned good.

Already under way is the One Piece a Week program.

“We are donating restored furniture to the Tompkins County Task Force for Battered Women to help improve living conditions,” said Ford, who added that Enactus is continuing with its campus sustainability initiative, programs for area entrepreneurs, and other community empowerment projects.

Enactus will sponsor a chicken and biscuit dinner Thursday, Nov. 8, from 6-8 p.m. at the Dundee American Legion. Tickets are $6 for students, faculty, and staff; $8 for the public.

In addition to Ford, others serving in Enactus leadership roles include Michael Kelly (chief operations officer), Stephanie Collins (public relations), Brittany Gleason (financial officer), Joe Pacini (secretary), Dylan Campbell (webmaster), and Darrcy Matthews (competition coordinator).

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