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Scott Simon Graces College With Wit, Wisdom

Referencing tweets he posted on Twitter almost nine months ago during his mother’s final week of life, NPR’s Scott Simon, host of Weekend Edition Saturday graced the stage at Norton Chapel during the 26th Annual Fribolin Lecture at Keuka College May 6. Simon shared moments of humor, frustration, wisdom and especially, heart, that came from his time at his mother’s bedside in a Chicago hospital. These poignant memories, shared with an audience of more than 100 guests, will form the foundation for a new book Simon will publish in the next year.

At the close of the lecture, Simon took questions from the audience on the experience. Several guests were quite moved, expressing thanks for his openness sharing the intimate joys and grief of the death of a parent.

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Student Trustee Lauren Esposito '15 and College President Jorge L. Díaz- Herrera share a moment with Simon at the end of the lecture. (Photo by Stephanie Lockhart' 15)

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