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Sports Information Office a Desirable Place to Work Thanks to John Boccacino

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of profiles of 2014 Work Study Supervisor of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17.

When considering candidates for the Work Study Supervisor of the Year, there is only one name that comes to the mind of sophomore Ben Schreiber—Sports Information Director John Boccacino.

The management major from Rochester began working last spring as a sports information assistant and nominated Boccacino for the Work Study Supervisor of the Year Award because he believes Boccacino is a great role model, and is everything he would like to see in a future boss.

“John really allows all of us to feel like a major part of the staff, and makes the sports information department a desirable department of employment,” said Schreiber. “That’s why when John sends out a text message or an email asking me to work, I immediately jump at the opportunity.”

Schreiber said Boccacino “gives every student employee a game day responsibility and allows us to take care of that task without looking over our shoulder the whole time,” said Schreiber.

According to Schreiber, some of the game day responsibilities could include running the video at a game, being a spotter, or doing stats “a very challenging task,” each employee must pay full attention to the sporting events at all times.

Even so, Schreiber said Boccacino “always finds time to make sure questions are answered and the department is running smoothly through the entirety of a sporting event,” he said. “John is always there with some form of guidance, whether it is solving a simple problem like a video connection or helping an employee catch up with the statistics of the game. He makes sure each employee is challenged and truly given the opportunity to make an important contribution to the sports information team.”

Schreiber said that “not only do I get to be around sports, which I love, but John has also taught me a lot of skills I will be able to use elsewhere—including responsibility for my actions and my work, communication skills, and a need to be punctual.”

Said Schreiber: “I can only hope that I am either able to work for someone like John again, or get to lead a group of employees the way John leads the sports information department. John is respectful, understanding, and most importantly, he helps all of his employees improve at their jobs every day. I have the utmost admiration for John not only as a supervisor, but as a person.”

One Response to Sports Information Office a Desirable Place to Work Thanks to John Boccacino

  1. Robert Magee says:

    As a graduate of Keuka College and a former employee of John’s, I just want to say that John is all of what Ben says, and even more! Since John has come to Keuka College, he has turned that department around and it does an amazing job in representing the athletic department in a positive way. John works around the clock to make sure everything is done right. With his hard work and commitment to not only the job, but to Keuka College as well, he truly is a great role model for his employees. I will always value my time working with him at the sporting events!

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