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Editor’s Note: This is the 4th in a series of stories saluting members of the Class of 2011. We asked division chairs for story ideas and they in turn contacted faculty members for ideas. We believe they came up with some terrific profiles.

In the process of becoming a social worker, Allyson Day has grown into “a tremendous and honest advocate,” according to Assistant Professor of Social Work Jen Mealy.

Allyson Day

Day, a resident of Great Valley, “is a leader,” said Mealy. “She is kind, compassionate and genuine. She is grounded, which allows those around her to feel comforted by her presence.”

Day enrolled at Keuka College because she heard it heard it had an “awesome” social work program from one of her mom’s friends, who graduated from Keuka in 2004.

“I chose social work as a major because I love helping others,” said Day. “It’s what I feel I was born to do.”

For her field practicum, a 416-hour internship, Day chose to work with Native American Social Worker Amee Crowley at Salamanca Central School District.

According to Mealy, Day has “done an excellent job working with the students under Amee’s supervision. Allyson has allowed her leadership qualities to emerge throughout her four years at Keuka. She has worked on personal and professional development, which she knows will benefit her greatly in the field of social work.”

Day credits her Field Periods and classes for preparing her for the real world, including her practicum class.

“I will have a lot of experience after I graduate,” said Day. “The most valuable thing I’ve learned at Keuka is that field experience is important. I also think networking and making yourself available to opportunities that Keuka offers is helpful.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Keuka,” added Day. “I am going to miss the lake and the beautiful view the College has. The professors are wonderful, especially Gail Roberts, [former program director of social work and chair], Stephanie Craig, chair, and associate professor of social work, and Jen Mealy. They have all influenced me to make me who I am today.”

“Allyson will be an excellent social worker,” said Mealy. “She has quite the touch when it comes to working with youth. I imagine this is an area that she will continue to explore as she enters graduate school. She is a wonderful addition to the profession of social work.”

After commencement, Day will attend the University at Buffalo School of Social Work (advanced standing program) for her master’s degree.

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