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The Real ‘Diehl’

For Ngoc (Ruby) Nguyen, fashion is everywhere.

Ngoc (Ruby) Nguyen models a dress during the Multicultural Student Association's fashion show last month. (Photo by Hung Do Le '12)

In fact, the native of Vietnam wants to pursue a career as a fashion buyer or trend analyst. And, she will get a taste of that life during her internship at the House of Diehl (HoD) in New York City this summer.

HoD is a fashion partnership of MJ Diehl and Roman Milišić, whose clothes have been on the red carpet and in music videos with such artists as Naomi Watts, Gwen Stefani, and Eve. Their work has also been exhibited in art environments, including the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Deitch Projects gallery, the Priska C. Juschka gallery, and GAle GAtes et al, a Brooklyn-based avant-garde troupe. HoD has earned two Triumph International Fashion Awards.

“I will work directly with MJ, the president and creative director of HoD on all of the day-to-day operations and special projects,” said Ruby, who is pursuing a master of management degree with a concentration in international business. “These projects will include fashion design, fashion show production, Style Wars online, marketing initiatives, public relations and media outreach, photo shoot production, fashion styling, and multi-media design.”

Ruby used LinkedIn, a business-related social networking site, to look for an internship in the fashion industry. Several days later, she received a response from HoD notifying her that the company had internships available.

“I wanted to pursue this internship because I am interested in learning more about fashion, and this experience is different from anything I have ever done,” said Ruby. “After talking to MJ and seeing how passionate and knowledgeable she is, I know will be able to learn a great deal from her.

“Fashion is like the air you breathe, and it’s everywhere you go,” added Ruby. “Wherever you go you notice fashion. It can be the way people dress fancy to the way they mix seven rainbow colors in an outfit and still look cute. My passion for fashion helps me connect with people and gives me the encouragement I need to follow my dream.”

(Photo by Hung Do Le '12)

She has a good start on turning her dreams into reality. Ruby, a student from Keuka’s partner school—Vietnam National University, Hanoi—has been a model in Vietnam and has continued her involvement with modeling while studying on the Keuka Park campus.

She founded the I (Heart) Me Club early in the 2011-12 academic year, and has served as coordinator—and model—for the Multicultural Student Association’s annual fashion show.

Ruby credits her Keuka education for helping her to understand business.

“And being a mentor, club president, and a fashion coordinator has helped me learn how to manage my time,” she said, “[which is important], given the different responsibilities and various deadlines I will have to meet at HoD. Due dates and deadlines are big part of the fashion industry, and I think being able to manage my time effectively will help me to succeed.”

Added Ruby: “My background in modeling will help me when it comes to styling and designing clothes, and helping out with photo production. Right now, I want to be on the other side of the curtain to gain a holistic view of how the fashion industry works from a director and manager standpoint, not a modeling perspective.”

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