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College Honors Dr. Michael Hwang

The Keuka China Program (KCP) is a bona fide success story.

From modest beginnings in 2002, KCP enrolls 3,500 students at four major universities and five separate schools in China. Not only does Keuka College boast the largest enrollment of any American college or university operating in China, but the College’s alumni ranks have swelled by 4,500 thanks to KCP.

One of the key authors of this story is Dr. Michael T.C. Hwang, and in recognition of his outstanding work and personal accomplishments, the Keuka College Board of Trustees recently bestowed on him the title administrative chancellor for China Campuses. Formerly, he was vice president for academic programs abroad.

“Under Dr. Hwang’s leadership, KCP has become one of the most prestigious American undergraduate programs within China,” said Dr. Joseph G. Burke, president of Keuka College. “It has developed a reputation across China as a leader in the field of career development and experiential education.”

At the same time, Hwang has become one of the most widely recognized and published authors in China in the field of career management and experiential learning.

“Dr. Hwang’s work has been used in schools at all levels throughout the Chinese educational system, including kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and college and university,” said Burke. “His work and accomplishments have brought great distinction to Keuka College.”

In 2008, Hwang donated 500,000 RMB ($70,500 US) to Keuka’s four partner universities in China to support students assisting with earthquake relief efforts in the central section of the country.

In addition to his duties for Keuka College, Hwang is a member of the board of trustees and professor of management in the doctorate program at Huaqiao University in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. Formerly, he was dean of the graduate school and professor of psychology and career management at Tamkang University and vice president for academic program research and professor of management at Oklahoma City University.

Hwang holds honorary degrees from Keuka College and Shenandoah (Va.) University.

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