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Dedicated, Determined, and Driven

Ashley Larimore

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of profiles of Student Employee of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 18.

Ask Assistant Director of Admissions Kristen Harter to play word association when it comes to senior Ashley Larimore and she’ll give you three: dedicated, determined, and driven.

Harter nominated the organizational communication major for the Student Employee of the Year for a second year in a row.

“One of my top recruits to attend Keuka College, I have known and worked with Ashley since she was a freshman,” said Harter. “She is extremely reliable and organized, and has gained an excellent perspective of how an admissions office is run.”

According to Harter, Larimore, a resident of Horseheads, knows what admissions material Keuka has and introduces it to new students effectively.

“Ashley is able to easily communicate by phone, email and in person with prospective students from the minute she meets them,” said Harter. “She adapts to all situations in the office, whether it’s giving a tour, calling a prospective student, sending out information or answering phones.”

It’s this personal communication that Harter said “stands out to our students and even more to our students’ parents. Ashley has the ability to connect with all types of families and make them feel at home at Keuka.”

As a freshman, Larimore took the opportunity to complete a Field Period with Harter in admissions.

“I was honored Ashley wanted to learn more about our office and the admissions process for prospective students,” said Harter. “She worked many extra hours in preparation for scholarship days and made sure that prospective students had all of their questions answered.”

Harter describes Larimore as a self-motivated, determined, and focused young woman “who has the confidence and ability to learn and adapt to new things in the work environment.”

This motivation is especially evident to Harter because as an admissions counselor, she is “on the road” for about five months out of the year and in the office only randomly at other times. But Harter doesn’t worry about things in the office while she’s away.

“Ashley has the ability to start new projects, answer emails and phone calls professionally, and represent Keuka College,” said Harter. “I can count on her to complete projects for me and ensure that prospective students from my territory know all there is to know before making the decision to enroll at Keuka College.”

Harter also said Larimore is always willing to help any of our staff members complete a project and cover when a staff member may be out of the office.

“Ashley leads by example, and is highly respected by the admissions professionals as well as other areas across campus,” said Harter. “She is a leader in admissions, especially when training and working with new student ambassadors. I often wonder how she does it all.”

Added Harter: “Ashley is obviously committed and dedicated to Keuka College. I have no doubt that she will make an outstanding admissions counselor if she decides to pursue it as a career.”

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