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Honoring Difference Makers

dinnerThe reason behind the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Dinner  was two-fold.

“We looked at [the dinner] as a chance for students to show  their appreciation and for the students, faculty and staff to get  to know each other outside of the classroom,” said Allie  Waye-Walker, community service associate who collaborated  with fellow associate Molly Flanagan on the event.

“Allie and Molly came to me back in February trying to  develop a program that would allow faculty and staff to  interact with students from the usual work-academic setting,”  said Sally Daggett, who supervises the associates.  “Apparently, they had heard some of the stories of when most  of the faculty and staff lived in Keuka Park and how they were also interacting with the students outside of regular ‘working’ hours.

“There is not just one winner,” added Daggettt. “This program was designed to allow students to nominate a person who has made a difference in their life while at Keuka College.”

The pilot program is co-sponsored by Student Senate and the Center for Experiential Learning. In addition to the dinner, held Thursday, April 16, the nominees each received a Certificate of Appreciation. 

Following is the list of the faculty/staff nominees along with their student nominators and the student’s reason for nominating him/her.

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