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The Consummate Mail Clerk and More

Editor’s Note: This is the first of six profiles of nominees for the 2012 Student Employee of the Year award that will be presented at the Annual Student Employment Awards Luncheon April 16.

According to Teri Spoor, IKON site supervisor, Tyler Moran, a senior adolescent English/special education major from Sandy Creek, deserves the Student Employee of the Year award for several reasons.

Moran has worked in the mail room as a mail clerk for two years, and while his job description says he is responsible for the distribution of all mail on the Keuka campus, and assisting with copy jobs as needed, Spoor says Moran does much more than that.

“I rely on him immensely to train our new students,” said Spoor. “He shows patience and displays good teaching skills. Tyler’s reliability is unsurpassed. He never misses a shift, and actually volunteers to take shifts for other students if needed. Tyler enjoys being busy and takes great pride in doing his job correctly and efficiently.”

Spoor says sometimes it is easy for her to forget Tyler is a work-study student, because he displays attributes and skills far beyond many “actual” employees.

“I can honestly say he is one of the best workers I have ever supervised,” she said. “Tyler shows a dedication and sense of integrity far beyond his young age. Tyler knows that at times, we have large projects and need extra help to make our deadlines. He is always the first volunteer to work additional hours, and is mature, serious, and fun-loving.”

When it comes to customer service, Spoor says Moran “is our best role model. It is something we stress in the mail room, and he enjoys interacting with staff, faculty, and students. He is courteous, reliable, dependable, and friendly.”

Moran also spends “a lot” of shifts working with one of the D.R.I.V.E. students, and Spoor “is in awe of the natural ability Tyler demonstrates while helping Robert to be a successful member of our team.”

According to Spoor, Moran carries a tough academic class load while working, and is involved in much more than classes and his job. He is an resident assistant (RA), and member of the President’s Leadership Circle, Achieving a College Education (ACE) mentor program, and the Secondary Education Club. He has also participated in the Ice Hockey Club, Symphonic Band, and Kiondaga.

Added Spoor: “I find Tyler to be a warm and personable young man who leaves a lasting impression personally and professionally on everyone with whom he comes into contact. I believe Tyler has a long and successful career ahead of him, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to supervise and work beside him each day.”

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