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On Fashion, Foreign Travel and Fine Arts

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of features on recipients of the Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award.

Mia Barnello is eager to follow in her mother’s footsteps. In January, that path will take the junior organizational communication major to the Florence University of the Arts in Italy.

During her spring semester of study, Barnello, a Syracuse resident, will also travel throughout the country to explore the culture in cities such as Sicily, Rome and Venice. She received a $2,200 Judith Oliver Brown Memorial Award to help with expenses. The scholarship assists students pursuing culturally oriented Field Periods and is named for the late Brown, a member of the Class of 1963 who spent her junior year as a Norton Scholar in Switzerland.

“I’m definitely interested in finding the little, not-so-touristy attractions, hidden treasures, the food, the boutiques, and so on,” Barnello said of the tucked-away spots she hopes to discover.

According to Barnello, her mother spent almost a full year in Italy as a college student herself “and almost didn’t come back.

“She studied art in a small town called Urbino. She’s talked about it for my entire life,” Barnello said. “I’m definitely hoping to bring back experiences and memories we can kind of bond over, things we both [experienced] while in Italy.”

The trip will be Barnello’s first trip overseas, indeed, her first time traveling outside the U.S. She is eager to see the work of different artists and architects that she studied in an online art history class taught by Assistant Professor of Art Melissa Newcomb last summer. After visiting museums and churches, seeing sculptures and other famous works, Barnello said she plans to e-mail Newcomb about the experience.

“I want to bring back pictures and things that are exciting to share and encourage more people to [study abroad],” she said.

While Barnello’s mother studied fine arts, Barnello is hoping to focus more on design and the fashion industry, which is a special interest of hers. Last year, Barnello and fellow Keuka communication major Ashley Larimore teamed up on a special class project to create a draft of a fashion magazine for Assistant Professor of Organizational Communication and English Bob Berkman’s media writing class.  At Keuka, she is completing classes for a minor in art.

Barnello said she plans to spend at least one day of her overseas trip visiting the headquarters of the Italian edition of Vogue magazine. Ideally, she’d like to get in touch with photographers or writers to get a flavor for the working environment, and see what a “day in the life” is like there.

“In the future, I really want to be involved in fashion. Being in Italy and learning the background, I think will help me decide if I want to focus on fashion through design and publications [or another way],” Barnello said.  “Since my hope was to do graphic design and that’s not really offered [in Florence], I’m kind of designing my own [course of study.]’

While in Florence, Barnello will take classes in jewelry design and Italian fashion, as well as a beginner’s course in the Italian language.

“As of right now, I don’t know anything of the language, which is terrifying, but hopefully, that [course] will help. My mom actually didn’t take any language courses when she was there – she just picked it up. I’m a little scared, but … We’ll see what happens. “

Hanoi Students Join Alumni Ranks

Nineteen Vietnamese students joined the Keuka College alumni ranks as the College held its first graduation ceremony at Vietnam National University (VNU) in Hanoi Sunday, Dec 18.

The graduation was held at the Fortuna Hotel in Hanoi and was attended by top officials from VNU and its International School, including Vice President Nguyen Huu Duc, Rector Professor Do, and Vice Rector Dr. Tu. Keuka President Dr. Jorge Díaz-Herrera and Vice President for the Center for Professional Studies and International Programs Dr. Gary Smith also took part in the ceremony.

“I am honored to preside at this ceremony that recognizes in formal spirit the educational accomplishment and personal growth of students who have completed, in partnership with the International School at VNU, Keuka College’s Bachelor of Science degree in management,” said Díaz-Herrera. (more…)

Collaboration with Malaysian University Taking Shape

During his recent trip to Malaysia, Dr. Gary Smith met with various UUM administrators, including Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, vice chancellor of the university.

A year after the start of preliminary talks and six months after the schools signed  a memorandum of understanding, a collaboration between Keuka College and Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) is taking shape.

After a recent visit to Malaysia, Vice President for the Center of Professional Studies Dr. Gary Smith confirmed that three marketing students from UUM will enroll at Keuka College for the 2012 spring semester. (more…)

Socha Shines as Global Ed Student Assistant

Editor’s Note: This is the eighth of 10 profiles of nominees for the 2011 Student Employee of the Year award that will be presented at the Annual Student Employment Awards Luncheon April 11.

Two years ago, the Keuka College Center for Global Education had a tiny one-room office on campus, with just one full-time staffer serving approximately six international students residing on campus.

That’s when accounting major Chelsea Socha of Himrod began working as an administrative assistant in the department.

Today, the Center has moved to Allen Hall, added several staffers, and the College’s on-campus international program has grown to include approximately 50 students. Socha played a key role throughout that time of growth, according to her supervisor, Vern Larson, associate vice president for the Center for Global Education.


College Signs MOU with Malaysian University

Keuka College boasts the largest enrollment of any American college or university operating in China and also offers its Bachelor of Science degree in management sciences at Vietnam National University (VNU) in Hanoi.

Could Malaysia be next?

It could after Keuka President Dr. Joseph G. Burke and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, vice chancellor of  Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), today signed a memorandum of understanding to engage in discussions that could lead to a collaboration between the two schools.


Embracing China, Up-Close-and-Personal

Keuka junior Matt McFetridge said this man yelled “Hello!” as he bicycled down the street and asked if the two could snap a quick photo together. Often, the Chinese will be eager to speak with Westerners, McFetridge said.

In China, almost everything is different. There’s a premium on space, and the language is totally different, right down to the alphabet characters. But junior Matt McFetridge can’t wait to go back to China for his second semester as an exchange student.

While Keuka College has hosted several Chinese exchange students on its home campus in Keuka Park in recent years, McFetridge is the first Keuka student to study in China. McFetridge started classes Aug. 28, 2010 in what he calls the “Keuka corner” of the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) in Kunming, in the Yunnan province in the south central area of mainland China. YUFE is one of four Chinese universities that have partnered with Keuka College to offer Keuka business management degrees to Chinese students. McFetridge enrolled in business and marketing classes, where he found himself one of about 60 students and the only American student in the classroom. In his three other classes – Chinese history, comprehensive Chinese language, and a Chinese listening and speaking class – McFetridge was the sole student, something he relished because it forced him to improve at a new language, he said.

According to McFetridge, the “Keuka corner” of the YUFE campus has two academic buildings, an administrative building, and two dorms, all within the same amount of space as if between Lightner Library and Space Hall on the home campus. Beyond that area, however, the rest of the YUFE campus is “absolutely huge, five to seven times the size of Keuka,” he said.

At first, he would need Chinese friends to help him communicate with the locals, or to pay for a package of Oreo cookies in a campus store, for example. The fun really started when he ventured off-campus to explore nearby parts of the city.


Vietnam Program Off to Promising Start

RIT officials Carol Whitlock, program director for RIT’s service management school, and Catherine Bemmett, director of RIT alumni relations, presented Bill Myers with his award for International Excellence recently. Myers received his master’s in service management from RIT in 1998. He joined the Keuka Vietnam program in June 2010.

An educational venture into Vietnam for Keuka College is already proving successful, with enrollment growing by leaps and bounds. And the man tapped to lead it as program director, Bill Myers, is excited about the potential, envisioning more success for Keuka in international education.

Following a successful model established on four partner campuses in China, Keuka’s degree program at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi began in March 2010 with approximately 125 students. Myers became Vietnam program director in June 2010. By August, another 110 students had enrolled in classes at Vietnam, and 110 more are expected to join in as of February, all working towards a B.S. in business management. According to Myers, total enrollment in Vietnam is projected at approximately 350 for the spring 2011 semester and could top 400 by the fall.

“The students in Vietnam are amazing, dedicated individuals who have taken on the challenge of an entire college degree in a second language,” he said, noting that the Western, American style of collegiate teaching is far more “interactive in the classroom” than Asian or European styles of teaching.


College Honors Dr. Michael Hwang

The Keuka China Program (KCP) is a bona fide success story.

From modest beginnings in 2002, KCP enrolls 3,500 students at four major universities and five separate schools in China. Not only does Keuka College boast the largest enrollment of any American college or university operating in China, but the College’s alumni ranks have swelled by 4,500 thanks to KCP.

One of the key authors of this story is Dr. Michael T.C. Hwang, and in recognition of his outstanding work and personal accomplishments, the Keuka College Board of Trustees recently bestowed on him the title administrative chancellor for China Campuses. Formerly, he was vice president for academic programs abroad.


An Uncommon Swimmer Hopes for Commonwealth Redux

The last time Durban, South Africa native and Keuka College senior Shannon Crowder competed in the Commonwealth Games, the Queen of England showed up.

So did Prince Andrew.

No wonder the synchronized swimmer and organizational communication major is excited about the possibility of traveling to Delhi, India, in October for the next renewal of the Games.


College Offering Management Degree at Vietnam National University

Keuka College’s sphere of influence in the Pacific Rim is growing.

Some 4,000 Chinese students are pursuing Keuka degrees at four partner universities in China, the highest enrollment of any U.S. college or university operating in that country.

And Keuka may soon claim that same distinction in Vietnam.

Some 125 students at Vietnam National University (VNU) in Hanoi are now pursuing Keuka bachelor’s degrees in management and College President Joseph G. Burke expects enrollment to approach 300 by the end of next year and 1,000 in four years.