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Keuka College Employees Honored at Community Day


President Díaz-Herrera presents the Presidential Award for Sustained Outstanding Achievement to Sandra Devaux

Twenty-two faculty and staff members were recognized for their service and dedication to Keuka College at Community Day Aug. 19.

Five-year service awards were presented to: Dianne Trickey-Rokenbrod, assistant professor of occupational therapy; Lynne Heath, academic records specialist; Troy Cusson, instructional design manager, Wertman Office of Distance Education; Michele “Mikki” Sheldon, administrative assistant for the Office of Academic Affairs; Jessica Dunkelberger, director of program administration and student services; Christen Accardi, assistant director of marketing; Teresa Ripley, administrative assistant for the Division of Humanities and Fine Art; Eric Detar, College chaplain; Timothy White; resident director and assistant director of  housing and residence life; Alex Perryman, assistant professor of finance; Melissa Newcomb, assistant professor of art; and Jennie Joiner, chair, Division of Humanities and Fine Art and assistant professor of English.


President Díaz-Herrera presents the Presidential Award for Sustained Outstanding Achievement to Ann Tuttle

Ten-year service awards were presented to: Kristen Harter, assistant director of admissions, traditional; Janet Lanphear, data entry coordinator; and Carmela Battaglia, professor of occupational therapy.

Fifteen-year service awards were presented to: Mike McKenzie, assistant professor of philosophy and religion; Jason Paige, head men’s lacrosse coach; and Deb Jensen, accounting assistant, payroll.

A 20-year service award was presented to Gary Smith, professor of management.


President Díaz-Herrera presents the Presidential Award for Sustained Outstanding Achievement to Eric Detar

Merit awards were presented to Rebecca Capek, resident director and success advocate; and Dunkelberger.

Presidential Awards for Sustained Outstanding Achievement were presented to: Ann Tuttle, professor of management; Detar; and Sandra Devaux, graphic designer.

More photos from Community Day.

A FAR-Reaching Honor for Alex Perryman

Alex Perryman, assistant professor of management and finance, was selected to serve as an NCAA Division III faculty athletics representative (FAR) fellow.

Perryman, who has served as Keuka’s FAR for three years, will represent Keuka and the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) at the annual FAR Fellows Institute Oct. 4-6 at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind.

“It’s quite an honor and this is good for the College, for our student-athletes, and for myself,” said Perryman.

 Perryman was nominated by Candice Poiss Murray, commissioner of the NEAC, as well as the FAR Institute Planning Committee.

“You put in for something like this but you think you won’t get selected. The really cool thing is now that I’m selected, I’ll be working with other Division III FARs, not just in the NEAC but across all of the NCAA,” said Perryman.

At the institute, Perryman will take part in a 360-degree leadership assessment process and will develop an action plan for implementation at Keuka.

The FAR Institute also provides an opportunity for fellows to bounce ideas off each other and examine the best practices of other schools.

“I like being able to see how other schools handle the situations we deal with, and how they get along with their athletic director and the others in the athletics department,” Perryman said. “We need to look at each others’ best practices and make sure our students are as successful as they can be.”

According to the NCAA, a FAR is “a member of an institution’s faculty or administrative staff holding faculty rank, who is designated by the institution’s chief executive officer or other appropriate entity to represent the institution and its faculty in the institution’s relationships with the NCAA and conference.”

As Keuka’a FAR, Perryman reviews and evaluates academic and general support services for student-athletes, conducts studies and monitors the time demands on student-athletes, and reviews student-athletes’ orientations, study hall sessions, classroom attendance, and final grades.

“Our student-athletes understand that, in my role, I’m looking out for them and trying to prepare them for when they graduate,” Perryman said. “Most of the student-athletes here have a big level of respect for me and what I do. Everything I do is for the benefit of our student-athletes.”

Fast Class Video: Alex Perryman Presents ‘Making the Most of Lectures’

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of our Fast Class video series, which showcases faculty and staff members discussing their areas of interest and expertise.