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Jones Wins Scholarship for Adult Students

Juan Jones, an admissions specialist at Corning Community College (CCC) in Corning, was recently named winner of the Joint Presidential Scholarship. This partnered award from Keuka College and CCC provides a full-time CCC employee a tuition-paid degree through Keuka College’s Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP). Jones is the sixth recipient of this scholarship award, and plans to begin his education this August.

Jones currently holds an A.S. degree in humanities and social science from CCC and plans to further his education with a B.S. in organizational management from Keuka College. He first started school at the CCC Elmira campus, which used to house a Head Start program. Since then he has spent more than 20 years working with the local Elmira community. Whether it is volunteering at his local library, helping with the Chemung County Head Start program, or volunteering in the Elmira City School District. Jones looks forward to using the new skills he’ll gain by acquiring a higher education.

Kimberly Morgan, director of admissions for ASAP, said that Jones is held in such high regard “it was like he was the mayor,” and at least 20 people came to the ceremony to honor his achievement.

Embodying the ideal of service and giving back, Jones is planning on using the scholarship to better serve his community and said he was “truly honored” to receive it.

President of CCC Dr. Katherine P. Douglas, Recipient Juan Jones, President of Keuka College Dr. Jorge L. Díaz-Herrera

The B.S. in organizational management program at Keuka College features an accelerated format; students attend class one night a week and complete their degree requirements in less than two years.

Keuka College offers seven degree programs through ASAP: four bachelor’s degree programs (criminal justice systems, nursing, organizational management, and social work) and three master’s degree programs (criminal justice administration, management, and nursing). Classes are offered at some 20 locations in New York State, including Corning Community College.

For more information on ASAP, contact the Center for Professional Studies at 866-255-3852 or

Wilczek’s Imagination on Display in New Novel about JFK Assassination

Occam, a 14th century logician and Franciscan friar, and the Warren Commission would have you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Occam contends that when there are two competing theories, or explanations for something, the simpler one is better than the complex one.

It’s called Occam’s Razor and Stan Wilczek Jr., assistant professor of management in the Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP), believes it makes perfect sense, especially when applied to the tragic events that played out 50 years ago in Dallas, Texas. (more…)

Snapshot of a Graduate: Jose Cervantes

Editor’s Note: Where can a Keuka degree take you? This is the seventh in a series of snapshot profiles on members of Keuka’s Class of 2013.

jose, degree, 2013, benefit, value, graduateJose Cervantes ’13 was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco-Mexico, but grew up in Horseheads. With aspirations of working for Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in its Madrid, Spain branch office, Cervantes earned a degree in business management with a marketing concentration and will pursue a second degree through Keuka: a master’s of management with a concentration in international business.

Cervantes played midfield on Keuka’s men’s soccer team in his junior and senior years after transferring in from Corning Community College, where he played as a sophomore. He’ll compete one more year for Keuka while grad school is underway. Indeed, sports have played a major role in the internship experiences Cervantes pursued through Keuka’s Field Period program. His senior year internship was conducted at Watkins Glen International Speedway.

“I benefited the most from the Field Periods,” Cervantes said of Keuka. “Having [job] experience before graduation is a great plus in the ‘real world.’”

While grad school is underway, Cervantes will branch out in his new role as restaurant chain supervisor at Garcia’s Mexican restaurant (his family’s business), where he will also oversee marketing.

To explore what might be in your future with a Keuka degree, request more information.

Students from China, Vietnam Join Alumni Ranks

President Díaz-Herrera speaks to members of the Class of 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The College’s 105th commencement began May 26 in Keuka Park, resumed at four locations in China in mid-June, and concluded June 22 in Hanoi, Vietnam

“There are very few students anywhere in the world today who, like yourselves, will earn separate undergraduate degrees from two great academic institutions, from two different nations, two far apart continents, and in two very different languages,” said President Jorge Díaz-Herrera to graduates of the Keuka China Program (KCP) at Jimei University in Xiamen June 19. 

KCP marked its 10th anniversary in 2013 and prior to Jimei, the president officiated at KCP ceremonies at Keuka’s three other partner universities in China: Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and Wenzhou University.

 “Global learning and exploration is a reality and we at Keuka College have had first-hand experience for more than a decade and our offerings are expanding,” said the president. “Keuka is now a global leader in the fields of career development, experiential education, and international business and management.”

The president credited Administrative Chancellor for China Campuses Dr. Michael Hwang for successfully bringing Keuka’s Field Period model to China “with his extensive knowledge and writing in career management.

“He helped us successfully export the experiential learning model to China, which together with career management, offers major benefits to our students in building successful careers, living productive lives, and contributing to society. This has allowed us to become a global leader in experiential learning.”

Some of the 31 students who received Keuka diplomas in Hanoi.

 On June 22, 31 Keuka degree were awarded to 31 gradautes at Vietnam National University in Hanoi. Although one can find many things that separates those who received their degrees by the shore of Keuka Lake and those who did likewise in the capital of Vietnam—such as language and culture— there is one thing that unites them.

You will always be a part of Keuka College’s “extended family of graduates—a network that extends all over the world,” said Díaz-Herrera.

The president urged the graduates to “invent your future—and make sure you have an impact. However, “while moving into the future, remember that your time in the Keuka-Vietnam program is not ending, but continuing in a different form.

 “Use that network but also become an active part of it; we expect to hear of your accomplishments and look forward to your continued involvement with Keuka College,” he added. “You are, for now and always, an important part of the Keuka family, your alma mater.”

ASAP Students Develop Marketing Plan for Oneida Non-Profit

By Brie Deacon

The former Oneida Area Arts Council (OAAC) recently adopted a marketing plan developed by Keuka College’s Utica-area graduate students that included, among other things, a name change to Oneida Performing Arts (OPA).

The students spent the six-week course researching, developing, and strategizing a new look for OPA. They worked in teams and used local resources, historical documents, and current market trends to devise a new logo, ideas for performance offerings, and different forms of communication—all geared toward expanding its patron base. Throughout the process, the class urged OPA board members to get out of their comfort zone and look for new venues and ideas that would bring the organization into the future.

The non-profit organization was contacted last year by Kim Deruby, adjunct instructor of marketing, who hoped it would serve as a live case study for her class.

Brian M. Carroll, president of OPA, said the organization had been struggling over the years to transition its brand to a more relevant, sustainable market.

“We decided that we could use some help from young professionals who could look at our 50-year history and make suggestions on how to keep the base we have but attract younger people as well. The suggestions we’ve gotten [correspond to] what other bigger organizations who have full-time marketing employees [receive],” he said.

Students who developed the marketing plan and members of the OPA Board.

Deruby said the course curriculum calls for students “to understand a current marketing issue or deficiency, to create a marketing strategy, produce tangible results, and provide insight, guidance, and expertise to the organization,” so the OPA project was an excellent fit and provided students with invaluable real-world experience.

As part of this in-depth, hands-on assignment, the class came up with rebranding ideas that included a new logo, a hand-rendered design by local advertising consultant and Keuka adjunct instructor Cookie Caloia, who conceptualized the students’ rebranding vision.

Other initiatives introduced by the students were performances that would appeal to a younger crowd, electronic press releases, new flyers and print materials, and a summer dinner theater experience at a local restaurant, scheduled Aug. 8. The class also recommended OPA offer  a Mother’s Day matinee, which debuted May 12, and no longer offer shows during the winter months when many of their patrons are away.

In terms of the name change, Carroll said Oneida Performing Arts “is much easier for the consumer to understand.”

“We truly hope these ideas will not only help to get their name out there in the community, but also help to create a general interest from a wider range of age groups,” said student Ryan Blehar, who resides in Verona.

“I am very impressed with all of our accomplishments within our cohort and I have no doubt that everyone is more effective professionally and personally as a result of this project,” said John Prendergast, cohort representative and resident of Utica.

Keuka’s 18-month Master of Science in management degree program is part of the Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP). Classes meet weekly at Mohawk Valley Community College.