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“Installing” an Appreciation for Art

Colorful, two-sided pyramids dotting the lawn between Allen Hall and Strong Hall. An oversized wire spider scaling a tree outside Jephson Science Center. A giant pen in the College colors scrawling out “lightner library” on a wall inside the building, while nearby, brightly colored paper origami birds dangle from the ceiling in symmetrical “V” formations.

These are final projects for Keuka students taking Sculpture I or II from Melissa Newcomb, assistant professor of art. Known as an “installation,” each of the large-scale pieces, some crafted by students working solo and some working in pairs, were placed in different locations around campus, to brighten buildings, hallways, stairwells, lawns and elsewhere to raise the profile of the art program. Some of the installations, like the giant pens inside the library, will be permanent. Others will be on display through the end of the semester.

Students in the class trekked across campus Tuesday and Thursday to survey each other’s work. Questions and comments popped up from different ones as each installation was discussed and students shared their design techniques, the cost to build each piece, and the amount of time invested.