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College Will Offer Master of Social Work Degree

Starting this fall, Keuka College will offer a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program, in two formats, at the Keuka Park home campus and in the Syracuse region. The MSW program is a 65-credit, clinically focused program designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective psychotherapy and psychosocial services to clients at an individual, family, and group level.

The MSW also prepares graduates to act in an administrative and supervisory capacity, and to serve as leaders in dynamic communities and organizations. Students with an MSW degree are eligible to take a state licensing exam after graduation, and can then begin serving diverse client populations in settings including schools, community-based agencies, health care systems, legal systems and more.

Recently approved by the New York State Board of Education Office of the Professions, the Keuka College MSW program will be offered in two formats. Roll-out of the program will begin this fall, with two cohorts of advanced standing MSW students.  One cohort of full-time students will study weekdays at the Keuka Park campus near Penn Yan, and will complete the program in May 2016, while a second cohort of part-time students studying in the Syracuse region, will complete the degree in 21 months of primarily evening classes once a week. Both advanced standing formats include clinical practicum work, similar to an internship. A first-year foundation program for applicants with a non-social work bachelor’s degree will begin at the Keuka Park campus in the fall of 2016.

Stephanie Craig

Stephanie Craig, chair of the Keuka College Division of Social Work and associate professor of social work, is thrilled to see the MSW program launch after nearly 10 years of dreaming and planning.

“It’s so exciting to see the vision come to fruition,” Craig said, adding thanks to the many faculty members and administrators who’ve invested time and labor over the past several years to support the College’s efforts to add the new degree. “I see growth ahead and an outstanding MSW program at Keuka College.”

After the initial launch year, the College will begin offering the advanced standing MSW program at select off-site locations in full-time or part-time formats. Students have the opportunity to personalize the focus of their studies through the selection of different electives. According to Dr. Doyle Pruitt, a licensed, certified social worker, MSW program director and assistant professor of social work for Keuka College, the College has offered bachelor’s degrees in social work to adult students at multiple community college locations across upstate New York through its Accelerated Studies for Adult Program (ASAP) format, and some of those will be considered for expansion of the MSW in future years.

Dr. Doyle Pruitt

Elective courses and initial field work placements have been structured so that students will be prepared for work within systems such as the Veteran’s Administration, health care settings, prison systems and community agencies, particularly those that may be located in the areas where the MSW program will be offered, Pruitt described. For example, Yates and Schuyler counties have some of the lowest numbers of MSW practitioners in the state, she said, noting that social work is a profession always in demand.

“Our program allows students who are committed to their local communities to receive their education without having to be uprooted and risk not returning,” Pruitt said.

And that will benefit communities across the greater Finger Lakes region, as well-prepared Keuka College MSW graduates provide services appropriate to the unique demands of rural areas and under-represented populations, said Dr. Paul Forestell, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Dr. Paul Forestell

“For 125 years Keuka College has remained true to the vision of our founder, George Harvey Ball, to graduate ‘superior men and women who shall bring strength to the nation and help to humanity,’” he cited. “Our new Master of Social Work program continues that tradition.”

According to Pruitt, an MSW degree can be more marketable than degrees for marriage and family therapists or licensed mental health counselors, due to the structure of insurance billing in New York State.

“We’re preparing graduates to be eligible to provide clinical services, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and so on. The clinical degree allows them to provide therapy, but they could also choose to take their career in an administrative or service direction, so it’s really setting them up to be competitive in the marketplace,” Pruitt said.

Applications for the new MSW programs have a deadline of June 15, 2015. For more information on the program, please visit online at:, or for more info on how to apply, please contact Admissions Counselor Patricia White at [email protected] or (315) 317-8455. 


College to Offer Nurse Practitioner Degree Program

Two format options will prepare nursing students to take national exams for Adult/ Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner certification. 

Continuing on a 72-year tradition of graduating the very best that nursing has to offer, Keuka College is proud to announce the launch of its Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Program, and will begin admitting its first group of students at the Keuka Park campus this September 2015.

Recently approved by the New York State Higher Education Office of the Professions, the Keuka College program will be offered in two formats. The first is a 42-credit master’s degree program designed for Registered Nurses (RNs) holding a bachelor’s degree. The second is a 19-credit post-master’s degree certification program designed for RNs already holding a master’s degree in nursing. Both formats prepare students for entry into advanced practice as an Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (NP) and both qualify graduates to take one of two national certification exams for NP certification.

Adult/Gerontology primary care NPs serve as primary health care providers in many settings. Keuka College’s program focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver primary health care to all ages of adults. Classroom sessions are held one night a week, one course at a time, and the program consists of face-to-face and online instruction as well as 500 hours of clinical practicum.

Dr. Paul Forestell

Keuka College’s addition of the program is a reflection of the ever-increasing need for nurses and advanced-practice nurses in an era of aging populations and the changes in health care delivery under the Affordable Care Act. According to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Paul Forestell, the current and future demand for Adult/Gerontolgy NPs is expanding rapidly and dramatically.

“Keuka College’s long record of excellence in educating nurses gives us confidence that we can help meet this need with outstanding graduates of our program,” he said. “The program combines a dynamic, world-class group of doctorally-prepared faculty; an innovative curriculum that will meet the needs of our students; and an extensive network of professional practice relationships that will enhance our students’ access to real-world experience.”

According to Dr. Debra Gates, a nurse practitioner herself and chair of the Keuka College Division of Nursing, organizations such as the Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) further suggest a three-fold approach dubbed “Triple Aim” to address current health care needs. The IHI advises a need for professionals who will improve quality patient care and satisfaction, improve the health of populations and reduce per capita costs of health care. The new Keuka College NP program will ready nurses to meet these challenges, she said.

Dr. Debra Gates

“Our faculty members are very excited to offer this program. It’s been a long-time dream and we’re hopeful to meet the anticipated need for nurse practitioners in the communities we serve,” Dr. Gates said, adding that the College is eager to build on existing partnerships with regional health systems, especially those in rural areas serving these populations.

Providing an edge to the Keuka College degree is the depth of experience among the faculty, including eight of nine core instructors and another 15 adjunct professors all certified NPs. This means in addition to an education rooted in theory, students will glean hands-on experience from seasoned professionals.

Praising the potential in the College’s baccalaureate and master’s degree students, Dr. Gates added: “When they finish our R.N/B.S. or M.S.N. program, they already have tremendous capacity and expertise in so many clinical areas, we know they would be excellent candidates as nurse practitioners. We look forward to working with them.”

Applications are now being accepted, with a submission deadline of July 1, 2015. For more information on how to apply, please contact Admissions Counselor Patricia White at [email protected] or (315) 317-8455.

Snapshot of a Graduate: Erica Ruscio

Editor’s Note: Where can a Keuka degree take you? This is the fourth in a series of snapshot profiles on members of Keuka’s Class of 2013.

erica ruscio, keuka grad, 2013, graduate assistant, master'sErica Ruscio ’13 graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English and visual and verbal art. The Middlesex resident will be pursuing a master’s degree in English with a concentration in children’s literature at Kansas State University this fall. Ruscio landed a graduate teaching assistantship where she said she will “earn her keep” by teaching one section of expository prose, similar to Keuka’s freshman composition course, in the fall and two sections in the spring.

Ruscio said she believed the Field Period experience she could include in her admission application, particularly one Field Period working with the children’s librarian at the Penn Yan Public Library, helped showcase her as a desirable candidate. Keuka’s Field Period is a 140-hour annual internship or exploratory study required each year for undergraduates.

During her time at Keuka, Ruscio participated in the annual Red Jacket Literary journal, the Arion Players theatrical presentations, wrote a College blog for incoming freshman, and showcased several paintings, mixed media and photos in the senior art show. She said Keuka provided her the ability to explore what she really wanted to do with her life through its internships, small class sizes, and “awesome professors and advisers.”

“If it hadn’t been for Keuka, the Field Period [program], and my first advisor, Ms. Harris, I may have been stuck writing press releases instead of studying literature, making art, and doing what I really want to do,” Ruscio said.

To explore what might be in your future with a Keuka degree, request more information.

Snapshot of a Graduate: Josh Beaver

Editor’s Note: Where can a Keuka degree take you? This is the second in a series of snapshot profiles on members of Keuka’s Class of 2013.

keuka grad, 2013, degree, josh beaver, benefitJosh Beaver ’13 of West Terra Haute, Ind., graduated with a degree in political science and history and will pursue a dual master’s degree in American history and historical administration from Eastern Illinois University (EIU) in Charleston, Ill. While he pursues his degree, Beaver will also hold down a customer service- based job in telecommunications at Alorica, Inc.

During his time at Keuka, Beaver was heavily involved in a number of campus clubs and organizations, including Student Senate, Chemistry Club, President’s Leadership Council and served as a member of the Spiritual Life Advisory Board, on two Alternative Spring Break mission trips, and on the steering committee for Keuka’s annual day of community service, Celebrate Service … Celebrate Yates (CSCY).

“I value the opportunities that Keuka gave me, and taught me about: the environment, that change is not always a bad thing, the hard work ethic and dedication to yourself, to always do your best,” Beaver said. “My coursework taught me how to be flexible, how to pick up on patterns (mainly things that have already happened and how they can be improved on), and also how to analyze and adjust with what works and doesn’t work.”

To explore what might be in your future with a Keuka degree, request more information.

Partnering with a Purpose

MSMIB Team Star presented a plan for Penn Yan Rotary Club. Left to right, Hui "Spencer" Shen, Fredric Tassone, Sida "Panta" Liu, Club president Robert Schwarting, and Lin "Molan" Zhang

Install a specialty digital printing press that could produce high-quality wine labels in batches of less than 10,000. Recruit young professionals to join the Penn Yan Rotary Club. Design a new brand strategy for a food service supply company with 75 years of local history. Introduce a video game for individuals with autism through a kickoff event where the crowd will source (fund) the project. Market Hunt Country Vineyard wines to prospective new customers. Promote a study-abroad program to campus students with a video.

These are just some of the recommendations that students in a Keuka College graduate program presented Feb. 20 and 21 to local merchants and business leaders as part of Dr. Yang Zhao’s Marketing for Managers class.

The students met with leaders of local companies or non-profit organizations to assess the needs of the respective businesses, then worked in small teams to develop marketing plans to address the primary issues. Each team conducted research, interviews, surveys, and financial analysis to develop recommendations for their  clients. The students then created a formal marketing plans showcased them in Powerpoint presentations during the final week of the eight-week course.

Illustration from an MSMIB presentation to benefit Keuka's Center for Global Education.

The eight-week course is part of a one-year program where students earn a Master of Science degree in management with a focus on international business (MSMIB). The MSMIB is similar to an MBA, but with more practical application. Enrollment features a mix of American, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Lebanese students, as well as one from Lesotho.

According to Fredric Tassone of Syracuse, whose team prepared a plan to help the Penn Yan Rotary Club recruit six new young professionals each year, conducting surveys was the hardest part. However, after analyzing the data the research uncovered, the team recommended the club target new members in the 23-35 age range, one of three market segments they identified, and of the three, the one most likely to have the time and interest to join.

“We gave them the most feasible option, since they don’t have a lot of money to advertise, and with their networking focus, that’s probably the best way to build up the club,” Tassone said. (more…)