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Keuka College Employees Honored at Community Day


President Díaz-Herrera presents the Presidential Award for Sustained Outstanding Achievement to Sandra Devaux

Twenty-two faculty and staff members were recognized for their service and dedication to Keuka College at Community Day Aug. 19.

Five-year service awards were presented to: Dianne Trickey-Rokenbrod, assistant professor of occupational therapy; Lynne Heath, academic records specialist; Troy Cusson, instructional design manager, Wertman Office of Distance Education; Michele “Mikki” Sheldon, administrative assistant for the Office of Academic Affairs; Jessica Dunkelberger, director of program administration and student services; Christen Accardi, assistant director of marketing; Teresa Ripley, administrative assistant for the Division of Humanities and Fine Art; Eric Detar, College chaplain; Timothy White; resident director and assistant director of  housing and residence life; Alex Perryman, assistant professor of finance; Melissa Newcomb, assistant professor of art; and Jennie Joiner, chair, Division of Humanities and Fine Art and assistant professor of English.


President Díaz-Herrera presents the Presidential Award for Sustained Outstanding Achievement to Ann Tuttle

Ten-year service awards were presented to: Kristen Harter, assistant director of admissions, traditional; Janet Lanphear, data entry coordinator; and Carmela Battaglia, professor of occupational therapy.

Fifteen-year service awards were presented to: Mike McKenzie, assistant professor of philosophy and religion; Jason Paige, head men’s lacrosse coach; and Deb Jensen, accounting assistant, payroll.

A 20-year service award was presented to Gary Smith, professor of management.


President Díaz-Herrera presents the Presidential Award for Sustained Outstanding Achievement to Eric Detar

Merit awards were presented to Rebecca Capek, resident director and success advocate; and Dunkelberger.

Presidential Awards for Sustained Outstanding Achievement were presented to: Ann Tuttle, professor of management; Detar; and Sandra Devaux, graphic designer.

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Pink Streaks Target Breast Cancer

Jim Blackburn and Rebecca Capek

Several members of the Keuka College community were seen streaking across campus today (Friday, Oct. 25).

Streaking their hair, that is.

And it was for a good cause. The Keuka Against Cancer Club and Women’s Center dedicated the week of Oct. 21-25 to raise awareness of breast cancer.

The highlight of the week was a friendly staff and faculty competition to see who could raise the most money to be donated to the American Cancer Society. The faculty or staff member who raised the most was asked to streak his or her hair pink.

Jim Blackburn, vice president for student development, raised the most money—$81—and not only streaked his hair pink, but also part of his beard.

Jailinne Blanca was one of many students who streaked their hair pink to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

In addition to Blackburn, who received breast cancer pins, bracelets, and a t-shirt for his fundraising efforts, other members of the College community donated money to streak their hair pink ($1), or blue, purple, or green ($.50).

“The money we raised, nearly $200, will be sent to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure for breast cancer,” said Rebecca Capek, resident director of Saunders Hall and a Success Advocate. Capek also serves as adviser to the Keuka Against Cancer Club.

Club member Erin Hascup streaks Emmanuel Colon's hair pink.

Other activities included ‘painting’ the campus pink by tying pink ribbons around trees; breast cancer Jeopardy!; a bra toss game; lunch with a breast cancer survivor; breast cancer t-shirt sales; and various give-aways and prizes.

Nuns, Crayons, and Music Men

Members of the student affairs staff were in the Halloween spirit as they captured first place with their box of crayons group costume.

What do a box of crayons, a bag of pepperoni, Flo of Progressive Insurance fame, a prom-going zombie, the Ball Hall tower, and a fox have in common?

Ariel Scott

They were all characters who won the annual Halloween costume contest held on the Keuka College campus Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Tracy McFarland, associate vice president for student development, portrayed the crayon box, while Eva Moberg-Sarver, director of student activities; Eric Detar, chaplain; and resident directors (RD) Kevin Perry, Tim White, Rebecca Capek, Margeaux DePrez, and Kelsey Deso posed as the crayons.

McFarland and her colorful crew earned first place in the group category.

Amanda Burlingame

Junior Ariel Scott (zombie), an organizational communication major from Unadilla, received the top prize in the scariest category, while the most original prize went to Amanda Burlingame, a senior adolescent mathematics/special education major from Keuka Park, for her portrayal as Flo.

Nathan Calabria

Jennie Snyder

The top costumes in the male and female categories went to Nathan Calabria (the fox), and Jennie Snyder (pepperoni). Calabria and Snyder, part of the D.R.I.V.E. program, earned $30 each for their efforts.

Sue DeLyser

For staff and faculty, a Halloween hat contest with desk-to-desk competition, was held. Human Resources Manager Sue Delyser, earned bragging rights with her ‘hat’—the Ball Hall tower.

Each contestant received a gift certificate to the Terrace Café courtesy of AVI Fresh, the College’s food service provider.

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Advocating Success

The success advocates include, from left: Margeaux DePrez, Kevin Perry, McKala Accetura, Eugene Mont, Kelsey Deso, Tim White, and Rebecca Capek..

Keuka College has long been touted for its family-like atmosphere.

And a new effort by the Office of Student Affairs just might bring the family even closer, while hopefully having a positive impact on retention. In addition to their regular duties, the College’s seven residence directors (RDs) will become success advocates (SAs) for this year’s new crop of matriculates.

The role of the SAs is to be a friend, another resource on campus to help the students solve problems, and guide them on their path to graduation.

Jim Blackburn, vice president for student development and dean of students.

“We usually hear of unsuccessful students when we can no longer help them,” said Jim Blackburn, vice president for student development and dean of students. “What the success advocates will do is reduce some of the reactivity. We want to be proactive, connect with students right away, and focus on ways that will make each student successful.”

Seen as a front line resource for students, the SAs include RDs Margeaux DePrez (Space Hall), Eugene Mont (Ball Hall), Tim White (Blyley and Harrington Halls), McKala Accetura (Strong Hall Apartments), Kelsey Deso (Davis Hall), Rebecca Capek (Saunders Hall), and Kevin Perry (Keuka Park Apartments). (more…)

Elves, Witches, and Superman

Although the holiday season is still a few weeks away, Santa Claus and several of his elves made a stop on the Keuka College campus Monday, Oct. 31.

Pat Reape, director of housing and residence life, dressed as the guy in the red suit for the annual Halloween costume contest in Dahlstrom Student Center. His elves, resident directors (RD) Eugene Mont, Tim White, Rebecca Capek, McKala Accetura, and Margeaux DePrez posed with gifts and candy canes.

Reape and the RDs earned first place in the contest—a pizza party for 15 people.

Second place winners were a group of students known as the Average Lows. The students—Isaiah Nalls, Brandon Franklin, Mark Butto, Justin Napolitano, Alex Fiore, Ricky Newton, Nate Smith, Kyle Rivera, Coty Paige, and Anthony Jones—each earned a certificate for a free meal in the Terrace Café for their efforts.

Third place recipient, Andy Robak, assistant professor of chemistry, received a certificate for a free smoothie at the Terrace Café for his portrayal of the Macho Man.

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