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Game Day and Event Management a Success Thanks to Brandon Jacobs

Editor’s Note: This is the seventh in a series of profiles of 2014 Student Employee of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17.

Two years ago, Jeff Bray, associate director of athletics and athletic trainer, watched then-sophomore Brandon Jacobs struggle with the Game Day and Event Management process.

The now-senior management major was trying to figure out how to do his job, said Bray, while seeing the need for the management of the process to be done differently.

“Brandon mentioned to me on several occasions that if he were in charge, ‘this is how it would be done,’” said Bray, who nominated the Walworth resident for the Student Employee of the Year award. “So when the opportunity presented itself, I challenged him. The result—Brandon has taken the opportunity and run with it.”

As the student supervisor for Game Day and Event Management, Jacobs’ role is “absolutely critical” to the success of hosting home sporting events.

“Over the past year, Brandon has become the “face” of our game management staff,” said Bray. “Referees, visiting coaches, and our own coaching staff know he is someone that they can count on and is the ‘go-to’ person.”

That is because in the role that Jacobs fulfills, said Bray, he has the opportunity to work with and communicate directly with professional staff, outside vendors, as well as staff and administrators from visiting colleges.

“In doing so, it has been assumed by many that he is member of our professional staff; not a student employee,” said Bray. “When those individuals comment on a job well done, they are shocked to learn that he is a student. Brandon has aspirations of becoming a college athletics director and has really taken stock in his opportunity as a work study student.”

“Keuka College has a reputation within our athletic conference of using outstanding student workers for home games,” said Bray, who gives much of the credit to Jacobs. “In working with his peers, Brandon does so in such a way that they want to work with him. He is knowledgeable in what his tasks are and he completes them.”

In addition to his responsibilities for the organization and set-up for more than 70 home sporting events—including equipment, sound systems, scoreboards, visiting locker rooms, and game officials—Jacobs was tasked to complete a work study schedule for the spring semester.

“He had every student worker’s name, event, and task for that day,” said Bray. “Brandon had obtained all 25 of the students’ class schedules, the athletic schedule, spring break, meal times, etc. and had completed a task that has been known to take me weeks to do complete. It was a bit of a ‘wow’ moment for me.”

Bray said Jacobs is unlike any other student employee he has supervised in the Game Day/Event Management area.

“The work study position that Brandon maintains represents Keuka College on the frontline of visitors to our campus,” he said. “Brandon’s professional approach allows us to always have a full staff for games, as his work study peers respect him and respond appropriately when he schedules them to work or he offers instructions to them. Upon graduation, if I had a position available, I would not hesitate to offer it him.”

Megan Barney ‘Sets the Bar in Dependability, Efficiency’

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of profiles of 2014 Student Employee of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17

When Chris Callas began working in the Office of Admissions, he had some questions about how the office worked.

Enter senior Megan Barney, an occupational science major from Madrid.

“Megan was a big help when I first started in the admissions office,” said Callas, assistant director of admissions, who nominated Barney for the Student Employee of the Year Award. “She already knew how things ran, and I was able to go to her with questions and thoughts I had about operations in the office.”

Barney is a quick learner, according to Callas, so he has given her “many tasks to do on a daily basis and she takes the initiative to make sure they are done—and done properly.”

According to Callas, Barney “does excellent work and can be counted on to make sure her work is thorough. I have never had to go back and correct any project or assignment she has been given. I believe her quality of work sets the bar in efficiency and dependability.”

Good with computers, Callas said Barney updated—and created—a new database for projects in the admissions office. And when Callas is on the road, he knows he can always count on a daily phone call from Barney to keep him updated with what is going on in the office. Knowing Barney will keep him updated sets his mind at ease.

“I have also asked Megan about new ideas or thoughts from a student’s perspective and she gives me good, solid thoughts and creative perspectives,” said Callas. “Her thoughts and ideas are many and she takes pride in Keuka College.”

One of Barney’s attributes is that “she is an excellent student and is a student ambassador who cares about her institution. Quick on her feet, Megan is good with meeting new people and having many questions thrown at her while on tour,” said Callas.

Added Callas: “One of the best things about Megan is that she is unique in her role in the admissions office. I am proud to have her working in my office and [appreciate] the time and commitment she has given.”

Highly Motivated, Dedicated, Professional

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of profiles of 2014 Student Employee of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17.

Lightner Library Circulation Supervisor Carol Sackett says it didn’t take junior Kelsey Morgan long to become well acclimated to the library.

In fact, she said the biology major from Lakeview has made it a point to learn as much as she can about the library. And that sets her apart from the regular worker, according to Sackett, who nominated Morgan for the Student Employee of the Year award.

“Kelsey is a valuable asset to the library,” said Sackett. “She volunteers to do extra work and has spent untold hours training new student workers, both during the week and on weekends. She offers her services in any area where there is a need, is highly motivated, and possesses superior leadership skills.”

According to Sackett, Morgan has repeatedly demonstrated her willingness to make the extra effort to complete specific tasks.

“As she has become more familiar with more aspects of library work, Kelsey continually increased her responsibilities, and carries out all of her duties without any supervision,” said Morgan. “She is an intelligent, dedicated library worker who deserves this honor.”

“Her determination and helpfulness at the circulation desk, assistance in shelving and shelf reading, and just generally assisting patrons has proven invaluable to us,” said Sackett. “A driving force for good customer services for all of our patrons, Kelsey’s demeanor is outstanding. We have many local townspeople, as well as the D.R.I.V.E. program students, who use our library, and she is patient and helpful to them.”

An outstanding work ethic, Morgan takes a great deal of pride in her work and it shows in all that she does for the library, said Sackett.

“She often substitutes for others in need, and strives to provide the best possible service to all of our patrons,” Sackett added. “She is never idle, asks for additional tasks to complete, and steps up to assist both co-workers and patrons. Her outgoing personality is a great asset. She is comfortable working with our entire staff.

“She is to be commended,” said Sackett. “Not only is she an outstanding scholar in her chosen field, she is also a most knowledgeable student worker. It has been a true pleasure to have her working here.”

Director of Campus Safety Would Hire Karina Cochran ‘on the Spot’

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of profiles of 2014 Student Employee of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17

What do the Clery Act Daily Crime Log; major overhaul of the campus safety office filing system; the 2012 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report; the Keuka College Emergency Management Plan; and the 2013 Campus Safety Annual Activity Report have in common?

All were projects worked on by senior Karina Cochran, a Cortland resident and sociology major and psychology minor who works in the Office of Campus Safety.

“The Clery Act Daily Crime Log and the overhaul of the filing system were worked on by Cochran and other student workers,” said Pat Kasnick, director of campus safety, who nominated Cochran for the Student Employee of the Year Award, “while the last three documents were produced only by Karina.”

Throughout all of these projects, Ksanick said Cochran “worked tirelessly to accomplish the work assigned to her—including the many rewrites and editing made necessary by my ongoing changes,” said Kasnick. “She always produced her assignments in a timely manner and was amenable to phone calls in order to provide more information or clarification. When it was necessary she took it upon herself to adjust her work hours in order to accommodate timelines set by me.”

Kasnick said the 2013 Campus Safety Annual Activity Report attests to the quality of Cochran’s work and exemplifies her attention to detail and perfectionist nature.

“This report may be viewed by any interested person and portions of it are, in fact, posted on the campus safety web page as required by federal law for purposes of viewing by the public,” said Kasnick. “Necessarily, they must reflect the professional standards expected by Keuka College and NMS Security.”

A 30-year veteran in government service, Kasnick has managed and supervised numerous administrative and clerical staff.

“If I were to conduct an annual performance evaluation on Karina, I would not hesitate to place her at the very top of the rating scale,” Kasnick said. “Karina showed herself to be a quick learner and she often took it upon herself to find solutions to some vexing formatting problems. She did not hesitate to make contact with me when there were questions or problems that cropped up during report preparation.

Added Kasnick: “Campus safety will greatly miss Karina’s knowledge, skills and abilities when she graduates later this year. If I had a full-time permanent position to offer her today I would not hesitate to hire her on the spot.”

Lee Bottoni Transformed Keuka College Athletics Social Media

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of profiles of 2014 Student Employee of the Year nominees. The winner will be announced at a luncheon Thursday, April 17.

 When Sports Information Director John Boccacino came to Keuka College in August 2011, there was no social media presence for Keuka College athletics.

But thanks to Lee Bottoni, a junior unified childhood education major from Prattsbugh, that has all changed.

“Lee knows how to draw people to Keuka College athletics through our social media pages, and his efforts are a major reason why our brand has grown tremendously on social media in the last two years,” said Boccacino.

Just check the numbers.

“Lee is responsible for providing constant in-game updates from our home games during the different seasons, and through his hard work and dedication, we have grown our social media presence from nothing two years ago to 732 followers on Facebook, and 511 followers on Twitter,” said Boccacino.

Bottoni provides in-game updates on the Keuka College Storm’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, which Boccacino said are similar to those being produced at Syracuse University, the University of Florida and other larger schools and universities.

“Lee has been a huge help in transforming the sports information shop into what it currently is—an informative, multi-media friendly department that constantly produces high-quality stories, photo galleries and video stories on our 17 sports teams, and our hundreds of student-athletes,” said Boccacino.

According to Boccacino, Bottoni is always trying to think of new ways to promote the Keuka College sports teams and student-athletes.

“One way is with his in-game social media updates. Lee never misses a beat and is quick to highlight a particularly impressive accomplishment,” said Boccacino, “such as when Jessica Bandrowski eclipsed 1,000 career points or Danielle Gravel became the school’s all-time leader in made three-point baskets this winter.”

But it’s not just Bottoni’s in-game highlights or quick thinking that impresses Boccacino.

“He has also shown an ability to step in and handle the public address duties when needed,” he said. “At the scorers’ table, it is important to present a professional atmosphere during our home games, something similar to what you would see at a professional sports game.”

Added Boccacino: “Lee has an outstanding ability to handle a lot of work in a short period of time. He is always willing to show up and work hard at whatever task he is charged with. He definitely represents the best that Keuka College’s student-workers can accomplish. Without Lee, my job would be a lot harder.”