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What’s New: Traditional Undergrad

Chris Cahill plans to graduate from Keuka College in four years use and use his marketing degree to kick-start his career as a singer-songwriter.

And he doesn’t plan to let his disability get in the way.

Cahill has Tourette Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive involuntary movements and vocalizations. According to the National Institutes of Health, Tourette Syndrome tics can range from simple anomalies such as repeat blinking, shrugging, grimacing or throat-clearing, to more complex movements or sounds that could include parroted words, phrases or even profanities.

Despite the social trauma this disease can cause, Cahill has been no shrinking violet when it comes to discussing his Tourette Syndrome with fellow students and professors.

“I have talked to all of my professors and a good majority [of my classmates] about it,” he said. (more…)